Circus of the BIzarre

The BiCon Ball theme for 2008 has been announced!  On the Saturday night from 8 till 1, BiCon’s main hall and surrounding rooms will become the Circus of the Bizarre.  BCN’s intrepid reporter strolled past the front of the Big Top and heard a string of enticements including…

– THRILL to the Giant Insect Circus display!
– LOOK SURPRISED at the largest teddy bear ever captured
in the wild (possibly)! Dare you enter his cage?
– EXPERIENCE the Bearded Lady Room – enter as one
gender, leave as another!
– HAVE A GO on The World’s Smallest Coconut Shy and The Safer Sex Candy Grabber!
– MARVEL at the Weird and Wonderful Glow Room!
– COWER as The Professor passes by with his disturbing     puppets!
– DANCE to the music of our very own Bizarre and Bisexual     DJs!
(And if you need some breathing space, try out the Amazingly Quiet Room, where all speech is Extremely Prohibited and you can chill out to the sound of silence.)

(If you would like to do any juggling, poi, puppetry, bellydancing or anything else at the Ball, then please email [email protected] – or just bring your equipment along and perform as and when.)

But if worried about what to wear to a circus themed evening the organisers do stress: wear whatever you like. There is no dress code.  The BiConner in jeans and a teeshirt is as welcome as one in a fabulously ornate creation.