Don’t Be A Crotte

(Liliane Bi-Dyke in) Don’t Be A Crotte
By Leanne Franson
Pub. Dansereau Editeur
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Liliane is possibly the most accurate portrayal of life as an out bisexual in a gay and straight world I’ve seen anywhere; it certainly knocks any films I can think of for six.

If you think comics are all superheroes this will be a shock; Lilane is a “bi-dyke” whose superpower, like any other bi, is simply to be able to be taken for gay or straight according to social setting, without wanting to be read as either. She dabbles in activism, plays around with drag, goes on hot promising dates, and spends a lot of her time trying to have a baby (thus far with no avail).

Don’t Be A Crotte is the third collected volume of Liliane stories, in which she gets thrown out of a lesbian & gay outreach group full of behavioural bisexuals for admitting to be bi, poses for a porn photographer, and suffers a string of hellish housemates. As with the previous two I spent a lot of time nodding knowingly and suspect a lot of BCN’s readers will too.

You can read the daily Liliane strip and order individual comics or books of her adventures online at (if you order direct you can get them signed by Leanne) or get the books in the UK from Libertas.