Best of Both Worlds

The Best Of Both Worlds
Bisexual Erotica

Sage Vivant (Editor), M. Christian (Editor)
Harrington Park Press
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Upon receiving the review copy of The Best Of Both Worlds: Bisexual Erotica, my heart sank. Here is a book that looks like it may have been sponsored by United Colours Of Benetton, such is the politically correct cover art. Nevertheless I persevere and I’m glad that I do. This collection is hot. Amusing, arousing and, I discover, not to be read on the bus.

Like most anthologies of erotica, The Best Of Both Worlds is an exploration of human sexuality. Unlike most it deserves to be read cover to cover. Don’t just flick through for the dirty bits, savour it all. There is contained in these pages a variety of perspectives and voices, explicit sex and no sex, and all of it written with insight and wit. There is indeed something for everyone – BDSM, orgies, swinging, women, men and transgendered in myriad combinations.

Though the editors definition of ‘erotica’ is sometimes loose, the first two pieces in this anthology barely touch on the juicy stuff, they are written by people who really want to share, who want to celebrate their sexuality and it shows. This book deserves a place on all our bookshelves.