Both Directions: the launch of a new bi guide

Showing The Way

As this issue goes to press, the final touches are being made to a major rewrite of BCN’s introductory guide to the UK bi scene and bisexuality in general.

Bi Community News first published a guide under the name “The BCN Starters Pack” in 1997.  This 8 page A4 booklet covered such things as coming out stories, common myths about bisexuality, how the bi scene had evolved, films, books and zines of interest, and the troubled relations between bisexuals and the lesbian & gay communities.

This underwent a few minor rewrites before being republished a couple of years ago as an A5 pamphlet with the new name, “Everything you always wanted to know about bisexuality in the UK but didn’t know who to ask”.  Tripped off the tongue easily, that one.  The A5 format introduced a section on local groups around the UK and was reprinted regularly in smaller print runs to keep that section reasonably up-to-date.

The new edition has been significantly rewritten following a review of the existing guide at the Spring Bi Activists Gathering.