Bisexuality is a Union issue

Trade union Unison launched a new factsheet setting out why bisexuality is a trade union issue this September.

They say: “bisexual people face particular issues at work. They can feel very isolated, experiencing stigma from both straight colleagues and lesbian and gay colleagues.  Although such discrimination is unlawful and many workplace equality policies refer to lesbian, gay and bisexual people, few do more than pay lip service to the existence and rights of bisexual workers.”

Unions like Unison can make a real difference by standing up for the rights of bisexual workers.

“Research published in May 2013 showed that bisexual people experience even higher levels of discrimination at work than gay men. Bisexual people are much more likely to feel they have to hide their sexual orientation at work than lesbians and gay men – very few heterosexual people hide their sexual orientation.

“Bisexual women were the least likely to report discrimination, believing it would not be taken seriously as it ‘happens all the time’.”

Unions exist to defend their members from discrimination and to work for better employment conditions. So tackling biphobia in the workplace is clearly a trade union issue.

If you’re a Unison member you can download the guide as a pdf from