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This originally appeared in BCN issue 78, April 2006

Before I get started properly with the media column, there are two things I would like to point out.

1. For those of you who only ever read this for updates on Captain Jack aka John Barrowman, turn the page NOW. There is not one gratuitous mention of him this month (aside from this).

2. Some people who know me personally may have been somewhat afeared this month of the possibility of a bi media EastEnders special on the Sonia and Naomi storyline. Panic over _ there shall be no further mention of what Stonewall’s Media Monitor most likely considers an inaccurate portrayal of ‘gay’ lives by the BBC. However, we still kick off with nurse action…

No Angels
Nurse Beth believed that fellow nurse, Justyn, was gay so was delighted when she managed to seduce him “…but felt humiliated when she realised he was actually bisexual and tricked her just to get her in the sack.” (Birmingham Evening Mail, 28th February 2006)

Paul O’Grady
The Mirror (27th March 2006) reported Paul O’Grady, most famous for his character Lily Savage, as being openly bisexual in his youth:

”But there were other attractions _ boys as well as girls. I was always quite open about it. At one point, I had a girlfriend and a boyfriend, and both knew about the other. I felt that by being honest, I wasn’t hurting anyone. I suppose this bisexual thing is what fascinated them. Though trust me, all that’s bi about me these days are my bi-focals.”

Delta Goodrem’s website – the new place to meet other bisexuals?
One of the complaints bisexuals most often make about other bisexuals is that they don’t know where to find them. It would appear that may be a good place to start. The Sunday Telegraph (26th February 2006) reported that recently a bisexual started had advertising for new friends on Delta Goodrem’s website.

“The reaction was mixed. Some felt it was inappropriate to use the singer’s online home as a dating service, given the number of youngsters who visit the site. Others took it as a greenlight to unleash their bigotry. On the flipside, there were a few who couldn’t fathom what all the fuss was about.”

Ang Lee to direct Dusty Springfield biopic
It would seem that director Ang Lee had such a good time making a film about bisexuals that he’s going to do it again, but with girls. The Sunday Herald (22nd February 2006) reported that Lee, the director of Brokeback Mountain, has approached Charlize Theron (who played serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster) for the role of Dusty Springfield, but is also looking to cast Kate Moss as a socialite lover of Springfield’s.

Vincent Price and wife to be subject of a play
A play about the life and times of horror star Vincent Price and his third wife, actress Coral Browne, looks set to be coming to the West End. As well as being famous for her acid put-downs, Coral also had a reputation as “… a promiscuous bisexual. When Vincent was asked, after her death, if she had any favourite hymns, he dryly replied: “Yes, and quite a few hers.” (The Express, 6th March 2006)

The Matador
Recent film The Matador saw Pierce Brosnan portray Julian, a bisexual hitman. However, the character may have been toned down _ but for Brosnan‘s comfort or that of cinema audiences? “”I was cast in it,” recalls Brosnan, “and one weekend I had a crisis of confidence. I began to worry that I really was making a very sharp left turn, that I was going to lose whatever audience I had. We went back to it, did some filleting -and that’s the movie you have now. I wanted to make it more ambivalent, ambiguous. In the script as written he was more gay. I mean, he’s try-sexual really. He’ll try anything. It’s great making this change and rattling the cage and deconstructing what’s gone before, but I didn’t want to bludgeon people with it.”” (The Times, 2nd March 2006)

Last but not least… Stonewall’s media monitor
Some of you may have been wondering what the Stonewall snark was about earlier on. Following the 1st March release of ‘Tuned Out: the BBC’s portrayal of lesbian and gay people’ by Katherine Cowan and Jill Valentine, Stonewall launched the media monitor page on their website (

‘Tuned Out’ was a major piece of research carried out on behalf of Stonewall, which examined the portrayal of “…lesbian and gay lives…” on the BBC – “…during 168 hours of programming on BBC One and BBC Two, gay lives were represented positively for just six minutes.” (Both quotes taken from

As I’m sure you do, I find it somewhat difficult to believe that there were no bisexuals in this 168 hours of programming. Either that or I’m making half this column up.

If you fancy getting riled at the lack of mention of the B-word, the article can be downloaded in PDF format from here: