Kinks in the Spring

BCN 122 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 122, December 2013

At 2012’s BiCon, there was a session about having a BDSM Bisexuals weekend and what we (as bis who are interested in and partake in kink) would want out of that weekend. We were split into groups and what followed was 75 minutes of brainstorming and covering a huge piece of paper in multi-coloured post-its with all the things that we would want from our dream weekend.

A few months after BiCon, a venue had been found, a date set and a host of people were getting very excited about a new addition to the bisexual calendar for 2013. The venue was a bespoke fetish club in the centre of Birmingham, which made it easy for people from all over the country to attend.

The days resembled BiCon in that there were a variety of workshops that took place, some practical (Electro play for Beginners, Wax play, Rope work), some that were more of a talking space (BDSM and the law, BDSM and Feminism). There was chance to have look around the venue before the sessions started, which led to lots of excited people exploring the space and a lot of “Have you seen the cellar?” comments.
I attended the Electro play session on the Sat morning, which had the added advantage of being able to play with some of the kit at the end, which was……enlightening. Violet wands kits are absolutely beautiful, and the collector within me experiences serious envy when I see large sets. It was also interesting seeing how things such as light bulbs can be adapted for use with violet wands, plus we were all amused by the old advertisements for the restorative powers of electricity, and the quite frankly terrifying ways that it used to be applied.

After a lovely lunch at the nearby Morrisons (the venue does encourage people to bring their own food and there was a large amount available, but we wanted to explore – and get nibbles and drinks for later), we came back for Show and Tell. I first went to this session at BiCon 2008, and it was as much fun this time as it was them. However this time, I had a lot more toys to show off. One of the best things about this session was seeing what pervertables can be made from innocent looking items, such as the euphemistically named ‘Pork Pullers’, used for creating pulled pork. They are very scratchy, and left most interesting marks with very little pressure (and can be found on eBay for reasonable amounts).
The session also showed that there are certain manufacturers of kink equipment that people seem drawn too. At one point, the room turned into ‘Jack-aholics Anonymous’ as we all realised that we all owned at least 1 item (and in several cases 3, 4 or more) from Jacks Floggers and several people with multiple items from Freak Clubwear.

Once the sessions had finished for the day, it was time to get ready for the play party. I was a little nervous to be honest, I had never been to a play party before, and I was a little worried about making a faux pas. It turned out that all my worries were for nought. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and everyone was able to do as much or as little as they wanted. There was kinky speed dating, pass the parcel and lots of opportunity for wandering around chatting to people whilst watching fun things happening.

The Sunday followed the same pattern as the Saturday daytime, with a few sessions and then a speech by Grant who was loudly applauded for organising the event. There was more applause when he said he would run it again next year (22/23 March 2014). Then it was time to return to the ‘real world’ with the eventual aid of a taxi, tired but having had a really good time. I’ll definitely be back next year.


To find out more about the 2014 event see the web page