Activists Assemble!

BCN 123 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 123, February 2014

In January volunteers from a variety of bi projects, individual activists and those simply interested in what we’re doing to challenge bi invisibility and biphobia got together in London.

The topics under discussion during the day included
–    BiCon Continuity Ltd – the company that holds BiCon’s assets from one year to another.
–    Annual bisexual conference BiCon & the every-two-years research conference BiReCon
–    Families
–    Sport
–    Intersectionality – in particular bi & class
–    Local & specific groups, including local bi social and/or support groups and bi groups targeted at particular groups such as the new London over-50s bi group.
–    Pride and bi presences
–    The BDSM Bisexuals weekend in Birmingham
–    Bisexuality and Mental Health

There was a London focus with several of London’s bi groups represented and an awareness that last year there was no organised bi presence at London Pride.

The full minutes of the gathering are on the UK-bi-activism yahoo group, which is an email list.  You can find that here:

These gatherings are held from time to time and it had been a year since the last one so this one came together rather quickly.  This time it was too quickly for BCN to be able to give readers notice in our last edition, alas!