Last BiCon… 2013’s accounts

BCN 123 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 123, February 2014

BiCon 2013 has published its accounts, which are summarised below.  With 311 people taking part there was a turnover on the annual bisexual conference of over £33,000.

It should be noted these figures do not include donations to the Equality Fund. Administration of the Equality Fund was handled separately by BiCon Continuity Ltd. “Donations” in the table refers to a couple of small independent donations to the event.

A range of stalls from organisations like Stonewall Scotland, the Equality Network and the Scottish Transgender Alliance brought in over £1000 as well as building BiCon’s engagement beyond the bisexual community.

Sam from the BiCon 2013 team told us, “I hope that the budget inspires future organisers to look at different ways that events can be used to raise money or cut costs.

“If we had not charged for stalls; provided sponsorship opportunities and got in kind sponsorship we would have ended up making a loss. But all these things added up to a small profit.”

Meanwhile we have news from the annual BiCon attendees survey.  With 79 responses in for the 2013 survey, the data entry is complete and the number crunching has begun.

There are already some pretty graphs reflecting how the demographics of BiCon have changed since the first such survey in 2004 – or in some aspects stayed very much the same!  The word is that the report will probably be out in time for the next issue of BCN.  In the meanwhile you can still read the 2004 report on our website; intervening years have mostly not yet been processed and published.

BiCon 2013 also had a survey on experiences of biphobia.  Watch this space for more news from that (in other words, probably next BCN, otherwise the one after!)

In and Out: BiCon 2013’s Summary of Finances      


Contribution from Bi Con Continuity Ltd
Accommodation and registration payments and donations          32,569.55
Stalls payments x 7                1,150.00
Scottish Transgender Alliance Sponsorship of Film Room               450.00


Refunds                        467.00

Venue and accommodation costs        30,833.73

Equipment (including dance floor, PA and lighting)                       1,615.20

Postage, Printing and Stationery (including craft materials)                     428.50

Committee and meeting costs (including travel)                    229.68

Amount to hand forward            5,595.44
Surplus after contribution from BiCon Continuity Ltd is returned                               595.44