House of bi?

BCN 123 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 123, February 2014

A short BiMediaWatch this month with just one show to report on.

Michael Dobbs’ House of Cards series from the early 90s is a fondly remembered drama about the rise and fall of a politician whose determination to avenge a perceived slight should surely be his downfall.

Remade for a modern American audience by Netflix, House of Cards USA has the same filmic feel as The West Wing, but none of the uplifting story.  Kevin Spacey’s Fra nk Underwood is a more rounded manipulator than Ian Richardson’s archly Tory Francis Urquhart.  Urquhart would have a file on his every enemy; Underwood is more likely to have a detailed plan of where he will bury them.

The first series alluded to Frank having male partners in the past. Series two brings that right into the present of his life – and his wife definitely knows what’s going on.  Sure, he’s not the kind of bi role model we want to promote, but there should be ‘bad person’ representation as well as good, and it was good to see the role being taken on by someone of Spacey’s profile.