BiCon: News From The Team

BCN 124 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 124, April 2014

Staying at BiCon? Time’s Running Out!
Bookings for this year’s BiCon – to be held just outside Leeds – are now open. However if you want to stay onsite you need to make sure you get your booking in by May 31st.
BiCon is a weekend-long gathering for bisexual people, their friends, partners and others with a supportive interest in bisexuality.
If you want to come along for the whole event and to stay in the on-site accommodation, you must book in advance. But if you’re only a short journey away or want to stay locally offsite, then you’re welcome to just turn up. You can buy non-residential passes or day passes at any time including at BiCon itself. Day tickets cover all the activities in a particular day including the evening entertainments.
Book here:

The Access Report
Thinking of going to this year’s BiCon but concerned about wheelchair or other accessibility issues?
The organising team have just published a 12-page report telling you all you need to know about the venue and onsite accommodation, from getting there to getting around the site if you have visual, balance or mobility impairments.
It’s online as a pdf document

Appeal: Equalities Fund Running Low!
In April the BiCon team announced that the Equalities Fund is running out of, well, funds. They need further donations to continue helping people access BiCon who otherwise would not be able to take part.
If you would like to donate to the Equalities fund you can do this when you make your BiCon booking, or by contacting the team directly at [email protected]

Make BiCon’s Day
Is there a session that you have always fancied running at BiCon? If so, please contact the team at [email protected] with your idea.
BiCon isn’t BiCon without your sessions, and all are welcome (as long as they don’t break the Code of Conduct). Please don’t assume that just because person(s) X has always done a certain session, it means that they always will. If you fancy doing a session,it is always worth emailing the team. It may well be that you have a brand new idea, or a twist on an old favourite. And if you do offer an identical session to one that we have already, there is always the opportunity to co-facilitate.
The organising team can’t wait to hear your ideas!