News Roundup

BCN 79 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 79, June 2006

Bisexuals in UNISON: Whatever Next?

The trade union UNISON is organising a half-day meeting for its bisexual members on Friday 14 July 2006. Closing date for registration of interest is 16 June, and there is a web page with more information at

Until recently while there was a self-organised lesbian & gay group within UNISON, it did not allow bisexual members. That was overturned last summer and the group is now LGBT.

The promotional information suggests quite a broad remit as to what the “next step” from allowing bisexuals into the LG group might be:

Are you a bisexual member of UNISON?

Do you want more information on our National Lesbian Gay Bisexual
and Transgender (LGBT) conference?

Have you been considering getting more involved in our LGBT groups,
but not sure how?

What are your key campaigning concerns –and how can UNISON better
support you?

Why not share your views with other Bi members?

The event will be held Friday 14th July 2006 in London, from 10.30am to 1pm, and with a buffet lunch from 1pm to 2pm. For those bi members of UNISON who are also trans, the trans network meeting takes place in the afternoon.

UNISON members should ask their branches to meet any other expenses, such as the cost of any accommodation or personal facilitation. Any members who experience funding problems at branch level should contact their regional LGBT group.

Are You Local?

Got a local pride festival coming up? Want to fly the flag (literally and metaphorically) for bisexuality?

The easiest thing is waving a banner on the march, if there is one, but if you’re trying to grow a local bi group then a presence in the community stalls area can help greatly both in raising your visibility to potential members, and to other LGBT organisations in the area (who may then refer people to you, so be sure to give them your contact details!)

If you’ve got a stall lined up then get in touch with Bi Community News as soon as you can – we will be able to send you copies of Both Directions, BCN subs forms, and put you in touch with any pending bi events like BiCon and BiFest.

The Bi Activist network are developing some new glossy bi literature at the moment which may be ready for some of the later Prides this summer too.

Prides Against Prejudice Conference

Friday 30 June 2006 – London

As part of EuroPride06 in London this June, a major conference that aims to support LGBT people in central and eastern Europe where many Gay Pride marches have been met with great hostility, usually from people with a faith-based or far right perspective, and often with the support of prominent politicians.

“The current extreme reaction to plans for a Pride march in Moscow in May is just the latest in a series of sometimes violent prejudice,” said Stephen Coote, Chair of Pride London. ” The aim is to build on the successes achieved so far by sharing the lessons gained and by exploring the ways that European institutions and international solidarity can contribute to further advances.”

The conference is organised on behalf of EuroPride by Pride London, Amnesty International, the European Pride Organisers Association, and ILGA-Europe (the European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay Association).