BCN 125 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 125, June 2014

Last issue we reported on how the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) was slowly shifting in its name, having added “and Transphobia” to its official name while common usage was starting to add biphobia to the name as generally used – and turning the shorthand name IDAHO into IDAHOBIT.

With this year’s May 17 events over the international committee underpinning the IDAHO(BIT) project have responded to pressure around who is or is not referenced and acknowledged in its title and publicity.

Their website has announced a review of the name given to the event in time for the tenth anniversary of the first IDAHO, saying:

(By including biphobia and other such strands) the name of the day could become so complex that it may become a difficulty for visibilization of the hates.

This is why IDAHO Committee is working since October 2013, in creating a way to 1) Cover and visiblize all minority sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions; 2) Visibilize them in a positive way in order to overcome discrimination and violence against those populations; 3) Do it in a flexible way that would allow all the groups and identities to feel themselves covered by IDAHO-T umbrella, and allowing them to work all around the world for this purpose.

We fixed ourselves a term for this reflection, and we are now working in this evolutive concept. And we do appreciate any inputs and ideas you may have for achieving this goal.

In the meantime we are proud to announce that for the 17 May 2015 we should have in place this new Concept that should cover all sexual orientations and gender identities, allowing to visibilize them in a distinct manner, as this visibilization should be needed in any specific country or environment.

This bodes well for the coming months – follow for news as this position evolves and a new branding is found. Perhaps you have ideas for a new name to put forward to them?

We’ll even have to let them off this claim:

Bisexual populations have also requested to be visibilized showing another social hate called biphobia. And some groups are working in order to construct the scientific and theoretical basis of a distinct hate from homophobia.

…where we would have to say, there is a decent amount of research material on biphobia built up over many years already in hand!