Birmingham Pride

BCN 125 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 125, June 2014

Flying the bi flag at Birmingham LGBT Pride 2014

After teasing us with three consecutive years of dry weather and glorious sunshine, the weather on the 24th May was wet. Very very wet. Quite possibly the largest (and soggiest) walking group of Birmingham and the surrounding area bisexuals squelched their way to the Town Hall ready for the biggest Pride parade in Brum so far.

We had a really good position, a combination of early application and loudly complaining about our position last year (we were supposed to be at the end of the parade, after Nandos) paid off, and we ended up tenth.

There comes a point when you are so wet, that it no longer matters whether it rains or not, and as we set off with the Samba band playing, the Village float in front and the Gale float behind both pumping out music, it didn’t matter that we were all soaked, and that the flags were so saturated with water that rather than fluttering proudly, they just hung limply until they were squeezed out by our fabulous stilt walker. We were part of a loud, colourful celebration, and that was all that mattered.

This was the first time I had walked the new Pride route, which now goes right through the centre of town. To my mind, it’s a much better route than previously, certainly from a visibility point of view. We had cheering crowds lining the route and our stilt walker even got to high-five the Mayor on the Brum Buzz (a double decker bus for the dignitaries).
We were damp but undaunted and I had a fabulous time in the parade. I’ll be there next year: come join us!