Bi Visibility Momentum

BCN 126 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 126, August 2014

Celebrating bisexuality this September

Now in its sixteenth year, can Bi Visibility Day, September 23rd, grow bigger still in 2014? 

Last year saw the first White House meeting on bisexuality and a ministerial message of support over here.  This year we’ve seen a proclamation supporting the day from one US city and a petition calling on President Obama to give it his seal of approval, while Stonewall are getting in on the action too.  As UK bi groups have been marking the date for sixteen years now, it’s tempting to ask them what took you so long? but at last they’ve started to catch up.

Some events have already announced.  Bristol bis have a Good Bi Summer Fun barbeque with stalls and free food lined up for the 20th, while in London on the 25th there’ll be a panel discussion in Southwark as well as an outing to Kew Gardens and a Meetup social.  Norwich bis will have an outreach stall on the 23rd itself, while Solent Uni in Southampton will have a panel debate titled “Not Just Passing Bi”.

Manchester will have “at least one event, probably two, something on the Tuesday and one on the weekend”  Nottingham bis’ flourishing group BiTopia similarly is on the brink of announcing things as we go to press.

All will be revealed on the website – give it a whirl for details or let them know of anything going on in your area!  (And if you’re on twitter, please join in the “thunderclap” tweet they’re running – see