First time

BCN 126 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 126, August 2014

Joining the parade at Pride

My First Pride March, Nottingham 2014.

I was nervous. Getting the train, walking up towards town, no problem. But now, heading up to the meet point I was feeling it. On the approach I could see a cart decked out in rainbows selling flags, scarves and other LGBT merchandise, and there was some relief that I was, at least, in the right place. But as I rounded the corner there was no-one to be seen. Not a soul. Was I wrong? Was it the right day? I wandered about trying not to look too conspicuous when I saw some familiar faces heading towards me.

Purple outfits converged at the meeting place and the day started to feel better. We got out the banner, kindly donated for the event by the Manchester bi folks, and draped our flags around us like bisexual plumage to catch the attention of others in the area.

As the group started to fill out, so did the parade itself with people arriving from all directions and flooding the street with music and colour. There were groups from all over, the ASDA LGBT, Unison, and the School of Samba to name just a few, and as the fire engine arrived to head the parade we were off! A slow amble round the route allowed everyone to march comfortably and gave plenty of time for the giving out of bi/bi-friendly stickers. A few people asked about our flags giving us the opportunity to advertise our presence, and a brief cameo on Notts TV by myself and BiTopia’s organiser showed that our group were there to combat bi invisibility and represent the B in LGBT!

As the parade drew to a close along Broad Street the snake of people dissolved and went to explore the stalls and take in the atmosphere.  All in all a fabulous time was had and I thank BiTopia for giving me and other local bis a chance to take part in this exciting and important event.