Letters & Newsbites: August 2014

BCN 126 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 126, August 2014

News snippets and letters from issue 126

Bolt from the blue

Train announcement style apologies that this BCN’s running late – the storms in the summer zapped the computer that the magazine is assembled on (the actual lightning strike was a couple of doors down the street).  It’s taken a while to get the internet back and reassemble some of our files.  Back to normal next issue!


Scotland are shortly to vote on whether to separate from the United Kingdom. Should we wait and see if it happens or start to think what this might mean for the bisexual community? BiCon currently moves around UK and BiCon Continuity looks after the money between events. Would an independent Scotland have a separate BiCon, Bi Community News and funds? Would some (half?) the current funds be transferred?

Or would we continue to share a BiCon etc. and if so, why just with Scotland and not, say, Ireland also?

Grant Denkinson

Bis in Essex

New bi group starting in Colchester – 2nd Wednesday of each month, 7pm, at Outhouse East, 19 East Hill CO1 2QX.  More info: www.outhouseeast.org.uk

Bis in Leeds
New bi group starting in Leeds – not got a first meeting date yet but expect a date to be set in October. For more info in the meanwhile, see: www.facebook.com/leedsbigroup