Oxford says Bye Bi Prejudice

bye-bi-prejudiceOxford sees the launch of a campaign against biphobia this week as the local university launches Bye Bi Prejudice.

The Oxford University Students Union LGBTQ Campaign and university LGBTQ Society created the campaign to provide a platform for students of non-monosexual identities to dispel stereotypes about them.

Their advance publicity says: “We are asking people to draw/write/get creative with a message(s) about their identity. A few questions to get you thinking about your image… Is there a stereotype you want to say bye to? What do you love about your identity? If you could get a message across to students in Oxford about non-monosexual identity, what would it be?

We talked to Adam Ward, LGBTQ Officer at the student union who told us:

“There wasn’t a particular moment which inspired the campaign but over my last 3 years at the University I have heard comments of biphobia and wanted to use my position in the Student Union to draw attention to this issue.

“We are creating A5 postcards of each of the pictures. We will be distributing the images in the different Colleges and in the centre of town. We will be uploading pictures on the Facebook group too.

The campaign runs over the coming week, 24th-30th November.

We asked Adam about plans beyond this week:
“We are so pleased with the amazing support the campaign has received so far. We will need further discussion to decide the future of the campaign to make sure we look for new ways of engaging with people so we can reach more people in possible future campaigns.
“We don’t mind people using the name/images but want people to contact us (on [email protected]) before doing so. “

And the name?

“We like that ‘Bye Bi Prejudice’ is saying both Bye Bye to prejudice, and Bye to Prejudice bi people face.