Meet bis this week! Feb 9-15…


Want some bi-mates? There are LOADS of bi meetups going on around the country this week – our biggest lineup of the year so far.

Monday is Bristol BiVisible’s regular coffee meet at Cafe Kino on Stoke’s Croft from 7pm: spot the bis by looking for the purple teapot.

It’s also Sheffield Bi+ meetup from 4pm at Coffee Revolution. Details here. It’s a student venue but non-students are welcome too.

Tuesday night in London sees the “Bisexuality Isn’t Magic” talk at Wotever – details here. What do you think, is it magic or not?

Tuesday evening also has a Bisexual Underground meet elsewhere in London at the Blue Posts from 6pm, while in Birmingham, Brum Bi Group meets at the LGBT Centre from 7.30.

Wednesday night Leeds Bi Group meet at Mesmac from 7pm while Colchester Bi Group meets at the Outhouse, also from 7pm.

Thursday evening is Nottingham BiTopia from 7.30pm at the Lord Roberts pub on Broad Street. Look for the table with the rubber duck to find people!

Then on Friday in Nottingham the university present a talk on bisexual erasure. Details here.

Saturday sees the bi coffee meet at Red Roaster in Brighton from 3pm, while London‘s Bis Of Colour meet at Stratford Circus from 1pm.

Finally Manchester hosts the LGBT History Festival this weekend including a talk on the history of BiPhoria and the city’s bi scene on Sunday afternoon at the People’s History Museum.

Find out more about bi meets around the country here.