MPs condemn LGBT asylum process

asylum-reportA cross-party report on the current state of the asylum and immigration system out today condemns failings of the current process including for bisexual and other LGBTI asylum-seekers. This includes homophobic and transphobic (and we assume biphobic – the style of reporting is not very bi and intersex inclusive beyond headlines) abuse within the detention system.

The Report of the Inquiry into the Use of Immigration Detention in the United Kingdom” comments,

“We were extremely concerned to hear that LGBTI detainees face bullying, harassment and abuse inside detention centres. This is not acceptable. There is a lack of information available about the extent to which LGBTI individuals face detention and the Enforcement Instructions and Guidance make no mention of assessments of the risks to detaining LGBTI individuals.

“We recommend that the Home Office works with the Home Office National Asylum Stakeholder Forum to properly assess what risks there are and to ensure that those LGBTI individuals who do face detention do not also face harassment.
While national policy on LGBT asylum seekers is more welcoming now than five years ago – the emphasis having shifted in the burden of proof from that a home country is unsafe for LGBT people – practice seems not to be keeping up, with bisexual seekers of sanctuary in particular being told to ‘go home’ and live outwardly heterosexual lives.