BiCon publishes access reports

BiCon 2015Annual Bisexual conference BiCon 2015 have published their Access report and outlined how the low-income / other needs fund will operate this year.

BiCon will be held in Nottingham on the weekend of 13 – 16 August this summer. The event goes to a different city each year – recently it’s been held in London, Edinburgh, Leeds and Bradford.

The Access report covers issues like getting around the venue for people with mobility impairments, and accommodation for people who are bringing small children along to the weekend.

The Access Fund meanwhile is there to make BiCon more possible for people who are experiencing a financial, accessibility or equality hardship.  It’s run for more than a decade under different names, as part of enabling people to take part in BiCon for who it would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

Bookings for the event will open soon.