Seven Minutes In Heaven

BCN 128 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 128, December 2014

All Alex wanted was a simple and safe life. And in fairness to his new Guardian, Gabrielle, he was a lot more secure now than he was just a few months ago. He was in a safe house for teens, his name changed to protect him from those trying to find him. However it was because of the safe house that he found himself at his house mate’s 14th birthday party, locked in a cupboard with David playing “Seven Minutes In Heaven”.

Alex was not impressed. He and David, both 17 and too old for this shit, were supposed to be chaperoning the party along with the other older teenager, Jez, in order to give Gabrielle a break. However it was Jez’s idea to play “seven minutes in heaven”, and it was her who pushed Alex and David in the cupboard and locked them in! As he sat down on the very cramped floor and rested his chin on his knees, he let out a sigh and thought, it could be worse. At least David is cute.

David on the other hand was banging hard on the door with his clenched fist shouting, “let us out you morons!”
“Shut up and get snogging!” Came the reply from someone outside, probably Jez, along with giggling from the rest of the girls.

Alex ran his hand through his thick curly hair and looked up at his friend, “So what do we do now?” Fed up of being annoyed, it was time to find a solution.

“Well, the door’s definitely locked, and Gaby will yell at us if we break it down, or she’ll make us pay for it…”
“Probably the latter,” Alex responded. “Well there’s not much we can do, just wait for them to get bored and let us out when the seven minutes are up.”

David scoffed and sank down on the floor next to Alex, cross legged. “That’s if they decide to let us out.”
Alex nodded in agreement. “What are we supposed to do in this game?”
“You heard her, ‘get snogging’. It’s stupid.”

In the small room, which was filled with maintenance equipment, Alex couldn’t get his six foot three frame comfortable, and kicked David in the process.

“Do you mind?” David asked, sarcastically.

“Sorry,” Alex replied. They were both silent. Outside, the music had changed to the latest no.1 and the girls who had been sitting outside the closet rushed to the dance floor to dance with the boys, who stayed well away from whatever was going on. “Oh great, now they’re distracted they’re going to completely forget about us.”

“I won’t!” Jez shouted through the door, “But I ain’t letting you out until there’s some action!”

“You read too much yaoi!” Alex retorted back to her. They tried calling for help again, and even called Gabrielle on her phone, but she just laughed and hung up on them. Some Guardian she was turning out to be; wasn’t she supposed to be keeping them safe? Didn’t this include ‘from their own housemates’?

David was now thoroughly bored, and not sure when they would be let out, decided to broach the subject, “so… have you ever kissed a boy?” He had asked to pass the time, and was surprised at the answer.

“Yeah, of course. Have you?”

“What? No, why would I? What do you mean of course?” David wasn’t disgusted by any means, but more surprised at his attitude. Unless you were gay, or thought you were, why would kiss the same sex? And he knew Alex wasn’t gay.

“It’s just something I do. It’s not a big deal,” Alex shrugged, although David wouldn’t see, as there was no light and their eyes had adjusted as much as they could.

“No I don’t mean it like it’s a big deal, but… I dunno. Have you ever done anything else with a boy?” David looked back towards Alex, he was very curious as to what Alex had been hiding all this time.

“Yes, of course I have. What’s with these questions? Do you want to know what it’s like?” He grinned, not thinking David would affirm this. But they could be there for a while, and in the face of boredom, anything could happen.

“Well I’ve barely even touched a girl’s boob and now you’re telling me I have to do things with boys too?” He tried to lean back in the closet, but knocked over a mop and bucket in the process, splashing Alex with dirty dregs of water.

Alex tried to stand up quickly but hit his head on the shelf behind him. Conceding defeat, he sat back down on the floor, closer to David to avoid the water, thankful it wasn’t that wet. He sighed, “It’s not something you have to do, it’s just one of the things I’ve done. Or some of the things…”

“You said ‘of course’”

“Yeah, of course I’ve kissed and slept with other boys. I’ve kissed and slept with a lot of people, some of them are of the same sex.” Alex explained. He looked at David, who returned his gaze with a blank expression. “I’m bisexual, David. Being attracted to more than one gender? It just so happens I sleep with a lot of people too; male or female.”

David knew about bisexuality, but he’d always thought it was just a phase, before you decide whether you definitely like girls or definitely like boys. Now Alex was telling him that he liked them both and wasn’t experimenting. David had considered experimenting when he realised that he imagined kissing boys, but he knew he was definitely attracted to girls, so didn’t do anything about it. But now…

“So what’s it like? Kissing other guys, I mean,”he asked.

Alex’s laugh was drowned out by Jez shouting “Kiss ‘im!” from outside.

He stifled a giggle as he told David “there’s an easy way to find out.” He looked away and missed David’s jaw drop. “Or is that dangerous territory?” he asked, with a sideways glance and a smirk.

Embarrassed, David cleared his throat, “well it’s not exactly safe territory is it? What if I suddenly find out that I actually do like guys instead of just thinking-” he caught Alex’s eye. “What?”

Alex just smiled at him, understanding more why his housemate was so curious. Well, no harm in showing him a good time, he thought. He leaned towards him. “So what if you do find out you also like guys?” He pressed his lips on to David’s. Slightly surprised, David responded and kissed him back, as if it was one of the most natural things he’d done.

After a short time had passed, David pulled away and licked his lips, not sure what to think of this experience. He looked up at his friend, “I thought bisexuality was a phase…”

“It’s not to me.”

David frowned. He sank back against the wall and thought about the kiss and how nice it was, and how much of a good kisser Alex was; about kissing girls, about the other guys he’d wanted to kiss. “Am I bisexual?” he thought out loud.

“I don’t know. Are you?”

David said nothing. Alex said nothing further.

Jez let them out, looking slightly sheepish.

 Seran Yusuf