A purple pot of money?

BCN 128 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 128, December 2014

BiCon Continuity Limited, now a charity, is now able to make grants of money to individuals and groups in the UK wanting to start up bi projects.

Some ideas of what the charity might be able help with or give money for:
* Web hosting space using the WordPress software for your group or event.
* Costs and support to help a bi group participate in Prides (insurance for marching groups, stall hire costs, stall materials such as a purple table cloth, stickers, sweeties etc).

* Making a bi event happen, e.g. costs towards venue hire, publicity, web space.
* Money to pay for a domain name like bicommunitynews.co.uk for your group or event.
* Help with starting up a bi group in your area.
* Advertising costs such as writing letters to local organisations in your area.
* Money to buy some teeshirts and fabric pens to create bi-sloganned teeshirts for wearing to a bi event or Pride.
* Buying a cheap mobile phone handset and SIM card + call credit.
* Printing costs e.g. for postcards & leaflets

So how do you get this money?

What the charity will need from you is some information about who you are and if you are a group a named person with contact details; how much money you want and some information about what you plan to spend the money on and how your project or idea will benefit bisexual people and increases bi visibility. Don’t worry if you aren’t 100% sure of how to produce this as charity trustees are happy to help you come up with words or ideas.

If you think you have a project which some money would make possible please contact the charity by email on [email protected] or leave a voicemail message on 0116 298 2805 with your return contact details and one of the charity trustees will respond to you about your idea and money.

Natalya on behalf of the bi charity