2015: Bis of Colour Meet Again

BCN 129 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 129, February 2015

It’s always a delight to report on new bi meeting groups forming around the country.  This year kicked off with the first Stratford Circus (London) meeting for Bisexuals of Colour.

Bisexuals Of Colour launched following a BiCon and they have been working away for about five years now organising workshops, speakers, Pride stalls, safe space flats at BiCons and more besides.  For a while the group held regular meetings in Soho at Centred (aka Kairos) but they haven’t done so in a couple of years now.
The group will meet throughout 2015 on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 1-3pm, in the area above the cafe at Stratford Circus.  Join them, or tell a friend?
More online – http://bisofcolour.tumblr.com