Exhibiting Bisexuality

BCN 129 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 129, February 2015

I spent the last week of May working in San Francisco which coincided perfectly with the installation of a new exhibition at the GLBT History museum titled “Biconic Flashpoints: 4 Decades of Bay Area Bisexual Politics”

San Francisco is world famous for Harvey Milk, activism, and being at the forefront of groundbreaking gay politics but I had not realised it was also instrumental in bisexual politics.

history-monthThe exhibition comprising two wall cases, a desktop display case and a few bits mounted on a plinth was tiny but extremely informative. The majority of objects were ephemera with a few t-shirts, photographs and other small items to illustrate.

I visited the gallery on the last day of installation and came away with a much greater understanding of the history of Bi politics. The exhibition focuses on Bay Area issues but a lot of the history there has had an impact worldwide.

Four key events between 1976 and 2008 with an update to situations now have been clearly illustrated using contemporary objects, photographs and film. I didn’t realise there had been a bisexual rights rally ever, I now know there was a high profile one in 1984.

It is fitting that the city, in which the United Nations was founded with the aim of the world living in peace and harmony, is also the home of activism to increase acceptance of who we are.

More info: www.glbthistory.org/museum/