Bi Shopping: perfect pressies for your bi-mates

BCN 129 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 129, February 2015

“I want a pony…      A bisexual pony”

Need to buy a bi a pressie?
Two rival bisexual unicorn teeshirts can be had online and we’ve seen both on Pride marches – even on the same parade…

Mother F*cking Unicorn: (£19.10 inc UK delivery)

Sir Fabulous III the Bisexual Unicorn:  (£19.50 inc UK del)

And here on just click on Gift Subs

Or Bi A Book

Anything that Loves is a delightful bisexual comic compendium.  Ideal for the coffee table of your favourite coffee-table-owning bisexual.

It’s a lot of fun, and with about twenty authors / artists represented, if the style of one doesn’t tickle your fancy the next will.  In their assorted short stories the characters reflect a lot of bi and beyond-two-options truths.  I’ve picked one of the single-frames to illustrate this but mostly contributors offer stories a few pages long.

The print version comes with the digital editions by email, which is a nice touch and means you can read it before the postie gets it to you.  About £31 at current exchange rates.