Meet other bis! 23 – 29 March

Local Bi GroupsWant to get out and meet some other bis? It’s the end of the month which tends to be quiet – and its’s quieter than usual with just the three meetups this week.

Leicester bis are havingĀ a social evening to meet and chat on Wednesday 25th March from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Leicester LGBT Centre, 15 Wellington Street, Leicester LE1 6HH.
All bi-friendly people welcome. Accessible venue. For more information contact the Centre on 0116 254 7412.

Then on Thursday in London it’s the London Bi Meetup, from 7.30pm at the O Bar, 83 Wardour Street. Details here.

Finally, on Saturday in Leeds, it’s Leeds Bi Group’s first cafe meet – replacing their usual midweek meeting this once. It’s at Kirkstall Abbey Museum Cafe, 2-4pm on Saturday 28 March, look out for “Bilee” the purple unicorn, sitting on the table to help you find the group.