This week’s bi meets

local480aThere are lots of bi meetups going on around the country this week.

Tuesday in Manchester BiPhoria have their monthly discussion space meet-up at the LGBT Foundation Centre on Richmond Street from 7.30pm. This is the building that was the LGF until last week, but LGF have now rebranded to include bi and trans in their name.

On Wednesday, Colchester Bi Group meet at the Outhouse from 7pm. Details on facebook.

Also at 7pm Leeds Bi Group meet at the Mesmac Centre on Upper Basinghall Street, from 7pm. More here.

On Thursday, Nottingham Bi group meet at the Lord Roberts pub from 7.30pm. Look for the table with a rubber duck on it!

Finally Saturday has the London meeting of Bis of Colour in Southwark, and from 3pm in Brighton local group Bothways meet for coffee at Red Roaster, 1D St James’s Street.

Find out more about bi meets around the country here.