No surprise: bi teens more likely to get pregnant

Research from the USA based on interviewing bisexual and gay teenagers in New York suggests bi and gay teens are more likely to get pregnant, or get a partner pregnant, than is the case amongst young heterosexuals.

The findings reinforce recent research from Canada.

The American Journal of Public Health report found that – of some 10,000 respondents – those who had had sex with both men and women were of the order of twice as likely to have had sex that led to pregnancy.

Conception rates were highest amongst those who did not identify as bi or gay but who might be described as ‘behaviourally bisexual’.

There are several possible explanations. Safer sex information based on a clear gay / straight sexual divide can play a part by failing to get messages around pregnancy to queer people.

Study author Lisa Lindley told Reuters, “What really accounted for most of the risk for the girls was sexual behavior. Basically the earlier they initiated intercourse and the more partners they had the more likely they were to become pregnant.”

So people who have active, varied sex lives and who aren’t being targeted by safer sex projects are more likely to get pregnant?  You could knock me down with a feather.