Third US state bans “conversion therapy”

USAOregon became the third US state to outlaw therapy that claims to “cure” bisexuality or homosexuality yesterday.

Similar practices to try and convince transgender people that they are cis will also be banned in the state.

The supposed therapy has been linked to higher rates of depression and self-harm amongst young bi, gay and trans people.

The law only applies to state-licensed medical professionals.

Kate Brown

Kate Brown

Out-bisexual state Governor Kate Brown signed the ban into law following a state Senate debate that passed the ban by a 21 votes to 8 margin.

California, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. already have similar legislation. Other US states have also debated the practice but there is a strong party divide between Democrats and Republicans on the issue.

Here, the 2010-15 UK coalition government debated action on the practice but in the end did not pass legislation.