Petition challenges treatment of bisexual asylum seekers

asylumA fresh petition on Change.Org challenges the new Conservative government on its asylum policy – and how its implementation discriminates against bisexual people fleeing persecution on the grounds of their sexual orientation.

It notes: “We the undersigned have heard of cases of bisexual men and women being denied asylum on the grounds of their sexuality, because the UK appears to assume either that they are lying about their sexuality, or that bisexuals need not fear homophobic persecution in their countries of origin.”

Asylum policy was changed under the last government with the recognition that bisexual, lesbian, and gay people do face a threat to life simply for who they are in some countries.

However the implementation on the front line seems to have shifted from proof that queer people are persecuted in a given country, to proof of sexual orientation for the individual. This particularly hits bisexual people, who may have had or be in mixed-gender relationships and find themselves declared heterosexual by the immigration service.

The petition is here.