Transphobic dating site in a pickle

A dating website aimed at a slice of the bisexual community has won attention for poor treatment of a trans member this week.

Gay Star News reported, “A young trans woman was deleted off a bisexual dating site after she complained because they outed her as trans to potential lovers.”

The website added that the member was transgender to her profile, claiming that accurately listing trans people in accordance with their gender was “misleading”. When challenged over this action they responded by deleting her profile.

BCN Editor Jen Yockney commented, “The Bisexual Club only allows binary gendered people to sign up as members – thus excluding many transgender people in a way most bi groups and organisations stopped doing in the 1990s.

“On mainstream dating websites there might be some argument that most users’ dating choices were strongly binary: straight and gay people tend to want to only date men or only date women. On a site pitched at the bisexual community though, it’s a bit of a flashback to the 1950s.”

Although the Isle of Man, where the website is based, has had some gender recognition in place since 2009, whether the action is illegal under goods and services law or gender recognition law is not yet clear.