In or Out?

Twilight star Kirsten Stewart has been all over the gossip columns for the last 48 hours.

Either her mother decided to out her as bisexual to the papers, or her mother never said any such thing and the reporter was making it all up. It depends whose report you belive.

As with the recent stories of Cate Blanchett and Miley Cyrus, we reckon the best person to declare on the question “is X bisexual” is probably the person themselves. So far as we can tell, Kirsten – who has complained about the media circus’ intrusion into her private life before – hasn’t said anything on the subject.

Good luck to Kirsten either way. If she is bi, she may well not have wanted her mum to be the person to announce it to the world. Many of us would want to be the person to decide our own time, place and nature of coming out. If she isn’t, it must be hard working out how to word a polite denial while the media have the volume turned up to eleven.