London rebranded

bi-britainLondon Lesbian & Gay Switchboard, the long-running helpline service, is to rebrand as Switchboard.

BCN Editor Jen Yockney commented, “The service has run for more than 40 years and helped countless thousands of people

“Back in the 80s and 90s was renowned in bi circles after it barred bisexual volunteers from helping on its phoneline, as part of the wider culture of biphobia in the lesbian and gay community at that time.

“Fortunately they have moved on from that stance in the last few years and the rebranding reflects that shift.”

Switchboard’s new name will be complemented by the strapline “The LGBT+ Helpline”, to reflect its modern mission and reach beyond London.

Dave Maher, Switchboard’s Co-Chair, observed, “So much is changing for our LGBT+ communities and so is our name to make it clear that we’re here for everyone, wherever they live, and in whichever way they choose to define their sexuality or gender identity.

“Even in our increasingly interconnected age, it’s not always easy to find the support we need at crucial times in our lives and Switchboard’s volunteers will continue to be here with calm words when those are needed most.”