Bis flock to Nottingham

This summer’s BiCon begins today. Across Britain bis are flocking to it – it may well break records with the biggest attendance yet.

A long away weekend for bis and their friends, BiCon started in 1984 as The Politics of Bisexuality. Then it was a one-day-long conference organised by a local bi social & support group which was running in London at the time.

It rapidly became an annual fixture and in time began moving around the UK. Today it goes to a different city each year, so if it’s a pain to get to one year it may be closer to home twelve months later. For a long time in the 90s and 00s attendance plateaued around 200 people each time, but has grown in recent years.

This year it’s in Nottingham. Find out more here – you can still show up any time over the next four days and buy a day or weekend pass.

You can read a potted history of the BiCons from 1984 to 2010 here.