43%: Generation Bi?

Online opinion polling company YouGov have published research conducted over the past week into sex and sexuality.

They found 43% of under 25s when asked to place themselves on a sexuality scale from 0 (exclusively heterosexual) to 6 (exclusively homosexual) put themselves somewhere in between, between 1 and 5.

6% of under 25s rated themselves a 6.

Across the population as a whole, 76% placed themselves as a 0 or 6 on the scale (72% straight, 4% gay). 24% find themselves somewhere in between, with more people toward the lower numbers.

The survey also found one in five lesbian or gay people, and three in ten heterosexual people, still think there is no such thing as bisexuality and everyone is really either gay or straight.

Respondents who preferred not to categorise themselves as gay, straight, or bi, lay in the centre of a Kinsey scale. On this 0 (exclusively straight) – to – 6 (exclusively gay) scale of sexual attraction, the unlabelled rated themselves as 2,3 or 4.  The comparative acceptance of gay and straight identities, combined with social stigma associated with identifying as bisexual may be behind this.

1,632 people took part in the survey over 13-14 August, which has been weighted for demographics including how people voted in the 2015 General Election. Lib Dem voters (65% scoring themselves “0”) were most likely to identify as bisexual / other, and UKIP voters (85% “0”) were least likely to identify as bi.