Big Bi Turning Point?

Big Bi Fun Day – what a journey and where will it go next!?

Saturday 16th May 2015 will see the sixth Big Bi Fun Day happening in Leicester!

What started off as a small idea has grown and flourished into a safe place for families and friends to catch up with one another, chat, plan, plot and recharge those batteries in the sunshine.  As the organiser, it gives me the warm and fuzzies to see friends and people I know (and new people) having fun and smiling.  As Sanji, I love getting to participate too.  There aren’t many events where the organisers get almost as much downtime as the attendees do!
I originally selected Leicester for the location of Big Bi Fun Day because of its fairly central geographical location and for my own ease of running it because I lived there!  Last year, I moved away from Leicester and wondered what it’s like to organise it at a distance.  The answer – painless and easy as everything has been done at a distance.

So, why am I seeking to hand over the running of Big Bi Fun Day to someone else?  Simply put – I have other plans and other activities I want to focus on as my life continues to change and bring in new adventures.   It would also be an opportunity to help someone learn how to run an event.  Not everyone has the confidence to tackle an event as big as BiCon.  Precisely because it’s smaller and easier to run, this would be a great event for someone who wanted to put something back into the bi community but doesn’t have a lot of time or energy.  Additionally I know running events like Big Bi Fun Day was great for my CV when I was job hunting.

On a personal level it’s been such a pleasant experience organising a relaxing, fun event whilst remaining stress-free myself.  If you have been thinking about running an event but were feeling a bit intimidated by all the details and planning, then I would be happy to support someone in running a Big Bi Fun Day 2016 by providing you with a check-list of what to do.  It is genuinely one of the easiest events I have ever organised (and I’ve organised quite a few now in my lifetime!).

If you would be interested in keeping Big Bi Fun Day happening by organising it, please do get it touch with me by emailing [email protected]

Big Bi Fun Day 2015 will be going ahead and I have my fingers crossed that we once again have a gloriously sunny day!

Please let your regional groups, friends and anyone else you think might wish to come along know about Big Bi Fun Day.  You can get updates as the event draws closer on Facebook.

Or, look at the website:

Come along, bring your picnic and join in the fun!