So long,

Yours for just $35,000 (£23,000) – one of the best web addresses for bi stuff   

International bisexual web hub site is history. After nearly two decades its owners have decided the market value of the domain is worth cashing in.

The website, which launched on 18th August 1996 as a resource for the bi community worldwide, has since then hosted many email lists and websites. For the first few years the BCN website was there too – we were at while many local groups were and interest groups launched almost the same day and there was a broad agreement between the two from 1996 that the one covered bi resources in the USA and the other the rest of the world – comparative levels of online and grassroots organising at the time meaning this was a fairly even split.

In recent years the website has declined in depth and its front page has mostly acted as a signpost to webpages elsewhere such as BCN, BiPhoria, the American Institute of Bisexuality and the German Bi Network. Some remaining pages such as the Bi Visibility Day website and London Bi Coffee meet’s pages will need to find new homes, but the greater potential loss is in surrendering such a catchy and widely linked / printed domain name.  For the time being their URLs are redirecting to

The site closed on March 13th, and is now yours to buy for that spare $35k you have burning a hole in your pocket, from