Nottingham BiCon Filling Up Fast

BiCon bookings opened at the start of April with a bang, as a mixture of pent-up demand and a “first come, first served” approach to the best bedrooms onsite saw a rush to be at the front of the queue.

With over 100 bookings in the first week we’re back to a situation we’ve had with a few BiCons previously, where the venue might not be big enough to accommodate everyone who wants to be there – but when the bedrooms run out, the bedrooms run out.  So get your bookings in pronto – if you’re staying onsite you need to be booked and paid up by July 10th.
The bookings section of the website is here:

BiCon By Day
People who go to BiCon create the daytime programme by volunteering to run a session. You don’t have to – lots of people don’t, while some might offer two or three.  The team are asking for session proposals and requests now, and will publish the full programme in the month leading up to BiCon.
Bisexuality is a common theme, but there are many other topics, such as sex and relationships, fun and games, crafts and creativity, disability, gender, parenting and more.

Friday and Saturday night entertainments at BiCon can feature DJs, dance, musicians, comedy, magic, burlesque and almost anything else.

This year the team report they are especially interested in hearing from:
– DJs who can create a varied set list, including R&B, reggae and soul among other styles.- Performers who can do a short slot of 20 minutes or so, either mobile or with minimal set-up.

Please put forward workshop proposals or entertainments offers by 30 June at the latest, but do submit as early as you can.

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