Margaret Cho talks bi

American comedian Margaret Cho has been talking to including talking about the comparative progress of the bi and trans liberation movements.

She said:

(PrideSource) As someone who identifies as bisexual, where do you see the bisexual movement headed?


(Margaret Cho) I think it’s different. Bisexuality is considered one foot out, one foot in. You don’t qualify as gay all the time. There’s this element of distrust. Visibility is very important for the trans community because of the suicide rate of teenagers and the violence that goes underreported and the disappearance of trans women all over the place. There’s not been a lot of rage about that because people didn’t know.

Now, there’s more of an understanding and it’s not acceptable anymore, so I think that’s wonderful. I would love to see that for the bisexual community, but I also have an understanding too. I get it because I started as a lesbian and then realized that there was more to my sexuality than I realized. I thought I was being very free and very out, but there was more to the story. It’s hard still because I felt like, “Am I going through a phase?” You always question yourself in the bisexual community. You don’t really know.

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