Goodbye Becky

rebecca-taylorFormer BCN writer and bisexual activist in Brighton Rebecca Taylor died at the end of October from cystic fibrosis: a faulty gene that causes thick mucus to develop in the lungs and digestive system.

Her 34 years were on the high end for life expectancy with her illness, and Becky had been in and out of hospital throughout her life yet she packed so much action and enthusiasm into her years.  In the time we knew her she ran an enthusiastic campaign to be elected to her local council, and was involved with other comunity groups and campaigns – she worked for Girlguiding and Diabetes UK (she had CF related diabetes).

As a committed Christian she was a dedicated campaigner for the inclusion of LGBT people within the church – and spoke up for people of faith (people of all faiths) within the LGBT/Bi community.

At her funeral the coffin was decorated in pink, purple and blue ribbons; one of her last tweets from hospital was a picture of a bracelet in bi colours she had assembled from loom bands.

Rest well Becky; we miss you so hard.