Your Bi Diary, 7-13 December

There are lots of social & support groups around the UK
It’s another busy bi week with lots of meetups around the country. Here’s what’s coming up…
On Tuesday, 8 December there are meets in London, Bristol and Birmingham.  Birmingham Bi Group meets at the LGBT Centre, 38-40 Holloway Circus, at 7.30pm: more info here. London‘s Bisexual Underground get together from 6pm at the Blue Posts on Newman Street. BiVisible meet for a brew at the Cafe Kino in Bristol from 7pm: look for the purple teapot.
Wednesday, 9 December from 1pm there’s a bi drop-in space at the Unity Centre in Swansea. Got a bi question or just want to hang out with some other bi folk? Sounds like it’s just the thing. Then in the evening at 7pm it’s Leeds Bi Group at the Mesmac Centre on Blayds Yard.
Nottingham take their turn on Thursday, with the BiTopia pub meet from 7.30pm at the Lord Roberts pub on Broad Street. Look for the table with the rubber duck to find folk!
Then Saturday at 3pm Brighton Bothways have their coffee meet at the Red Roaster, 1D St James’s Street.

Never been to a bi group before?

For the coffee type meetups (Brighton, London, Bristol, Nottingham) try Hannah’s guide here.

For the talky space meetups (Leeds, Birmingham), there’s Jen’s guide here.

Know of a bi meet we’re missing? Drop us a line!