Redefining Bisexuality In Spain

Spanish bisexual activists are petitioning to have their equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary define bisexuality as a real, whole thing in itself, rather than just as being an experience of alternating homo and hetero sexuality.

The Royal Spanish Academy defines bisexuality as having that meaning or possessing both male and female sex characteristics. The campaign group Arcópoli have requested a meeting with the Academy to press for a change to replace the “alternating” definition with one reflecting that a bisexual is a person whose sexual orientation is focused on sex or gender similar to and different from its own, not necessarily at the same time or in the same way or with the same intensity. (By the nature of different languages this is a broad translation).

The petition is on and while signatures from Spanish citizens will probably carry more weight, it’s an easy way for bisexuals and allies elsewhere in the world to show support.

If you want to add your name, sign here

Izpia Batres, General Secretary of Arcópoli and bisexual activist, comments that the inaccurate model of bisexuality the RSA define is damaging as the definitions offered by the Royal Spanish Academy are used as a reference in many issues.