Stonewall: bis falling behind trans staff?

Stonewall’s annual Workplace Equality Index is out today, with a noticeable pair of statistics on bisexual representation:

Only 11 per cent of respondents believe there are bi role models at work; 19 per cent see trans role models, 42 per cent see lesbian role models and 53 per cent see gay role models at work


27 per cent of lesbian, gay and bi people feel comfortable disclosing their sexual orientation to all colleagues and customers. Figures were lower for lesbians (23 per cent) than gay men (33 per cent), and considerably lower for bi individuals (12 per cent).

Those figures suggest a good step forward for trans inclusion and representation in recent times, but less progress on visible bisexual representation.

Bi Community News editor Jen Yockney blogs about the Workplace Equality Index and bis at work today, noting:

There has been a tendency when moving from “LG” to “LGB” or “LGBT” organising to welcome the “gay side” of bisexual people – which of course we don’t have, any more than an English person is just a Welsh side and a Scottish side put together. We’re entirely bisexual.

The Top 100 is based on companies and organisations that pay an annual fee to be part of Stonewall’s workplace equality programme. As such the full rankings extend to over 400 firms, but only the top 100 are published.

MI5 was named as number one in the list for 2016, up from seventh in 2015. In second place was Lloyds Banking Group (third 2015), with the National Assembly for Wales in third (fourth 2015). You can read the full report here.