I dropped in for a night…

…I was still there years later!

Manchester bi group BiPhoria’s twenty-one years old now. In all that time I’ve missed about seven meetings.

We celebrated our birthday on September 1st, the day after a three-day long rollercoaster of Manchester Pride, with a big bi marching group on the parade and a bi outreach stall running for three days across the Bank Holiday in the gay village.

There were half-a-dozen or so new members along that night. With all the change in access to information and better (but imperfect) bisexual visibility and acceptance compared to 1994, people still want to meet other bis, still need a space where they can talk about the issues they face in coming out and staying out.

And sure enough: this month we talked about coming out to your parents, the tensions of whether to come out to people you are physically or financially dependent upon, and to your children – whether they live with you or not.

It’s not all tough though. We planned an indoor autumnal picnic, going to Bolton and Chester Prides, and maybe Edinburgh’s upcoming BiFest too.

And there was cake. Of course there was cake. Here’s to another 21 years… Well, a good few more anyhow.

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