Bi Health Awareness Month 2016

Two years ago American bi organisation the Bisexual Resource Center declared March to be Bi Health Awareness Month, to highlight the additional health challenges bisexual people face.

This year the month throws the spotlight on issues facing young bi people.  Here in the UK there has been little work on young bi people’s support from within the community since BabyBiCon in 1998 and the closure of Manchester’s Bi Youth project in 2000.

Most of the online resources and information will naturally be about the USA given it’s an American organisation running the health month portal, but research tends to show similar issues on either side of the Atlantic, and we speak (more or less) the same language so take a look at what they’re reporting in America and consider how much it applies here too.

The organisers say:

Bi Health Awareness Month has formed local and national partnerships to raise awareness about the various social, economic, and health disparities experienced by bi+ youth. You can follow the campaign throughout the month of March on the Bisexual Resource Center’s (BRC) Twitter (with hashtags #BiHealthMonth and #BHAM), Facebook, Tumblr, and newly launched blog for the following focus weeks:

  • March 1-4: (Statistics) A focus on current statistics and research surrounding bisexual+ youth, including mental health, sexual health, and interpersonal violence.
  • March 7-11: (Intersectionality) An emphasis on how race, ethnicity, gender, ability, and class can further impact social, economic, and health disparities among bisexual+ youth, particularly in regards to experiences of oppression and discrimination.
  • March 14-18: (Resources) A spotlight on current resources, and the creation of new ones, that can improve the health and wellbeing of bisexual+ youth.
  • March 21-25: (Action) The promotion of programs, policies, and services that can work to prevent or decrease social, economic, and health disparities among bisexual+ youth.

If you have any inquiries about #BiHealthMonth this year, or want to get involved, you can reach out to us at [email protected].