Bi Diary 9 – 15 May 2016

Want to make new bi friends or need to find a space to talk to other people about being bi? There are lots of bi meets around the UK this week to look forward to.

Tuesday it’s London Bisexual Underground at the Blue Posts pub in Soho. They start at 6.30pm.

Also that night at the Birmingham LGBT Centre it’s Brum Bi Group, from 7.30pm

Then on Wednesday evening it’s Bristol‘s BiVisible meetup at Hydra Books from 7pm. Note the change in day of the week and venue they’ve recently made!

Earlier on Wednesday in Swansea there’s the regular bi afternoon drop-in at the Unity Centre. Got a question about bisexuality? Want to find local bi groups? Want to chat to someone? Need some information? Pop in and pop your question between 1pm and 4.

Also that night there’s a bi meet in Leeds and in a change from the usual monthly “talky space” meeting the group has a planning meeting and pub meet at Wharf Chambers from 7pm.  Look for the purple unicorn.

Thursday night in Nottingham it’s the BiTopia meetup at The Lord Roberts pub on Broad Street, from 7.30pm.  Look for the table with the rubber duck to find the group.

And this coming weekend there are two big bi events – BiFest Wales in Swansea and Big Bi Fun Day in Leicester, both on Saturday.

Finally there’s bis with brews, as in Brighton from 3pm that day it’s the bi coffee meet for Bothways.

Never been to a bi group before?

  • For the coffee type meetups – like in Bristol – try Hannah’s guide here.
  • For the talky space meetups – like Birmingham or Leeds, in community centre space – there’s Jen’s guide here.