Supernatural adds to CW’s bi lineup

Over in the USA the latest episode of Supernatural outs God as bisexual.

After revealing his real identity, he expounds what he’s been up to recently while the world has been going to hell in a handcart slightly more than usual. It’s the fine tradition of a god having a go at living as a human.

“I traveled a lot. And, um, I dated. Yeah… I had some girlfriends. Had a few boyfriends.”

Well, what deity wouldn’t?

It’s the second CW channel programme to reveal a bi character in the last couple of months, as Crazy Ex Girlfriend dealt generously with Daryl coming out as bisexual and rocking the pink, purple and blue on TV as we have never seen before.

Now in its eleventh season, the story of the Winchester boys and their battles with demons is now the longest-running science fiction TV series from the US – having recently overtaken Smallville. It airs in the UK on E4: episode 4 is on tomorrow night, so we have to wait a few more weeks for episode 20 to be broadcast here.