New “bi ban” as Instagram blocks #bi

In the last few years we’ve noted blocks on bisexual searches of one kind or another from Apple, Google and Tumblr. Now we add Instagram to the list.

A research piece by The Data Pack identifies which tags on instagram you either can’t use or can’t search on. #Bi is among the terms restricted… you might expect we’d be up in arms. #Lesbian is too, along with a host of other terms including #LesbiansofInstagram which maybe suggests people who found #Lesbian was barred were getting creative in response.

However the motive is made clearly based on Instagram’s desire to block pornographic content – their site, their choice – and is based on tags which have been being used by people posting that kind of image. Otherwise, #Kansas is just weird to be on the same list (to be honest, right now it does feel quite weird even so… perhaps at BCN Towers we just don’t websearch for the right kind of smut).

So a big bi ban, or just a tactical bit of making sure users play nicely on Instagram’s website? Probably in the eye of the beholder…