EuroBiCon unveils programme

The first European Bisexual Conference in thirteen years is in Amsterdam this summer.

The list of workshop discussions and speakers confirmed thus far has just been released, and includes the following sessions:


  • Panel Putting the B in LGBT. Panelleader: Anita Nanhoe. (Hilde Vossen and Leopold Lindelauff, Netherlands and Belgium)
  • Crossing Lines: Academics & Activists. Panelleader: Robyn Ochs. (Robyn Ochs, USA)


  • NewBi (Tijmetje Dieleman and Barbara Oud, Netherlands)
  • Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality (Robyn Ochs, USA)
  • Challenging Biphobia and Bi Erasure (Robyn Ochs, USA)
  • Why I am at the European Bi-Convention (Peter Maria Gabriel Christen, Switzerland)
  • The Possibilities of Different Geographies VI (Bruce Sharp and Jane Carr, UK)
  • Let’s Advocate for Bisexual Asylum Seekers Human Rights! (Soudeh Rad and Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh, France and Sweden)
  • Bisexuality in Europe Vision 2020 (Lars Naesbye Christensen, Denmark)
  • A Workshop Trio (Connie van Gils, Netherlands)
  •        Writing a Selfie
  •        Writing a BI-orgaphy
  •        Writing about Penetration
  • Speed Dating for Everyone (Pascale van der Put, Netherlands)
  • Fluid Sexuality (Vivi Jelstrup and Dan Bowring, Denmark)
  • Bal Folk, modern versions of traditional European folk dances (Henri Karrenbeld and Pascale van der Put, Netherlands)
  • Rope Bondage for Beginners (Alex and Adinda, Netherlands)
  • I am ‘That Bisexual’ (Lila Hartelius, France)
  • Playful Poetry (Cat K., Netherlands)
  • The Languages of Bisexuality (David Bowskill, Germany)
  • Bisexual Trade Unionists Supporting Bisexuals in the Workplace (David Bowskill, Germany)
  • Body and Identity: Being Proud of our Bodies (Jochem Verdonk, Netherlands)
  • Keys to Success in Polyamorous Relationships (Juliette Siegfried, Netherlands)
  • Bisexual Education (Nico Lippe and Hilda Reeuwijk, Netherlands)
  • Intersex in Europe (Miriam van der Have, Netherlands)
  • Challenging Dichotomies: Non-binary Gender Expressions, Identities and Sexualities (Amets Suess, Spain)
  • When Safe and Pleasurable go Together: The Female Condom (Iris Weges, Netherlands)
  • Bisexuality at Work: The Roles of Organisations and Employees (Skylar Leslie, Netherlands)
  • Faith and Bisexuality (Miranda Terpstra-Van de Kerk, Netherlands)
  • You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It (Kieron Blake, UK)
  • The Bisexual Mermaid: Andersen’s fairy tale as an allegory of the biromantic sexual outsider (Martine Mussies, Netherlands)
  • The Intersection of Bisexual and Transgender Identities: Beconstructing the Gender Binary (Ada Cernosa and Alja Debeljak, Slovenia)
  • Bi and Addiction (Stijn Beekhuis and Berrith Augustus, Netherlands)
  • A (drag)King for a Day (Daisy Rodrigues, a.k.a. Franky Mooseknuckle, Netherlands)
  • Cabaritual; a performance with Q&A (Graham Bell Tornado and Anna Maria Staiano, Spain)
  • Staying healthy as a Highly Sensitive Person (Maria Bosman, Netherlands)
  • Bisexual Banter (Verity Richie, UK)
  • Story Time! (Esther Kornalijnslijper, Netherlands)
  • Let’s talk about the Q+ part of the LGBTQ+ (Kyan Reijenga en Juul Adang, Netherlands)

Find out more about EuroBiCon, and book tickets, here.

Our report from the last EuroBiCon, held in Dubline in 2003, is here.